Light and bright

Precious Lace is an iconic Chopard High Jewelery collection. It is made up of highly refined and eye-catching jewel watches, necklaces, earrings and rings. The most beautiful stones are the protagonists of its exquisite designs that with their brilliance and transparencies highlight and reflect the light in a unique way. In each piece we can find diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Free, sumptuous and light as silk, the collection now features seven pairs of hoop earrings and new rings to enhance it. The pieces are entirely made of 18 karat white gold, titanium and precious stones. The design of these pieces is unique: the resulting creations are sumptuous goldsmith sculptures chiseled by an exquisite sense of movement. The hoop earrings are modern and legendary, capable of transmitting sensuality and versatility. In addition, the seven pairs of hoops propose style variations around the idea of ​​lace. A few pairs are completely set with diamonds; others combine fine emeralds and diamonds; while the rest add sapphires to this beautiful combination.

Chopard also uses the pink tones of amethysts, rubellites and pink sapphires; with a gradient of yellows and oranges in 23 karat colored sapphires. Another precious piece that makes up the collection are the rings. Its half-set ring has a superimposed trilobal motif, made up of diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds, surrounded by a diamond lace. As if it were an openwork fabric, the setting declines its curves in an endless play with the light that allows the aerial shape of the hoop earring. Each one of these pieces represents a masterpiece, the meticulous work of the Haute Couture crafts that merge with the know-how of Chopard’s High Jewelery workshops.

Precious Lace has a worked openwork fabric that finds its reflection in the delicacy of the setting and in the lines of the collection. To carry out this collection, Chopard artisans must combine traditional techniques and the most advanced technology. In the collection the virtuosity of the artisans is present. Experts in sculpture; jewelers; stone and gem carvers; and polishers; They are the ones who form the lines, the volumes, cut stones and combine their best talents to give life to these wonderful jewels. This luxurious goldsmith wardrobe is another one of the striking creations of Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele. She thought of the collection as a perfect alliance between Haute Couture and High Jewelery. One of its most outstanding features is the timeless design, a typical Chopard hallmark. Each of these works of art could be used by women of the 1800s as well as those of 2020. Queens, executives, brides, feminine and elegant women are dream recipients for the collection. True to the House, Caroline actively works for sustainable jewelry. This means that the precious stones and gold that Chopard uses are ethical.


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