Sporty Elegance

There are elements that at first glance it seems that they could not coexist in harmony. However, the renowned Yatchs firm Azimut has achieved the impossible. In his constant search for innovation but above all, to push the limits beyond what is established, he has achieved the unimaginable; the new Azimut Grande S10, the new flagship of the S Collection, the result of collaboration with the designer Alberto Mancini. It bases its design on three fundamental pillars: the elegance of a mega navigator, the architecture of a modern villa at sea and, not least, the sporty personality of automotive design.

Three highly original elements that coexist here without friction and add an unprecedented dimension to a project that is poised to change the destiny of Yachts design.

The S10 is an expression of pure emotion, thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of Alberto Mancini, who was inspired by three innovative sources for yachts of this type. The first is that of a modern and refined villa on the Californian riviera, with terraces leading to the water. This results in a three-story layout: flybridge, main deck and a beach deck fully open to the sea, offering an extraordinary external area for a sports boat, so that the owner’s eye can freely roam the horizon. The megasailer concept, the second inspiration, is based on a type of patio design reminiscent of old sailing ships, discreetly positioned slightly forward and lower than the rest of the deck thanks to two steps. And the third source of inspiration is the design of the car, which gives the model its sporty personality and permeates the shapes and choice of materials: used for its technical performance, carbon fiber has become a highly visible stylistic feature. on the Grande S10, where it produces a strong sense of dynamism, that of a thoroughbred whose muscles seem to flex even when not in motion.

Another feature of the unique and innovative design of the S10, along with Carbon Tech, is its lighting, which combines functionality and aesthetics. The LED lights accompany the steps of the aft platform and the central staircase, like a spine, allowing access to the flybridge, with a full view of the bow. The lights are switched on in rapid sequence to create an unusual stage effect, creating a unique and special atmosphere. An important design feature of the Grande S10 is the enormous versatility of its spaces. This is particularly evident on the main deck, which represents a concept of living and seating area, unique for a sports boat of this size and is enhanced by a set of double doors and windows that allow the feeling of space to be continuously changed. A first sliding glass door between the patio and the dining room, turns these two areas into a single environment with a covered table and two outdoor sofas.

Regarding its technical characteristics, the Azimut Grande S10 is part of the ECS Enhanced Cruising Solutions program to offer the best possible yacht management. In this way, it has the innovative Active Trim Control, which guarantees an optimal fit at all times, reduces hydrodynamic resistance and optimizes consumption. In addition, the S10 has Sea Star electronic power steering, which allows the owner to adjust the reactivity of the rudder by regulating wheel turns and effort at cruising speed, and without requiring any hydraulic wiring. In the engine room, two 2,600 HP MTU engines give the Azimut Grande S10 a top speed of thirty-five knots.

The design philosophy behind the Grande S10 is linked to the concept of total habitability on board, which, together with the ingenious union of inputs, produces a powerful result: an expression of totally innovative creative style that comes to catch all eyes of the market of luxury yachts.


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