Beovision Harmony

When you hear the word “television,” your mind probably conjures up a black rectangle hanging from a wall or sitting on a bracket, which only comes to life once it is turned on.

But in honor of the proud heritage of Danish design, Beovision Harmony speaks to those who believe that aesthetics is as important as experience. Based on those classic mid-century cabinets, the TV hides behind delicate “butterfly wings” to fully blend in with your home décor. Then, with the push of a button, those “wings” in effect unfold like a butterfly, rising in height and thus obtaining an ideal display.

It’s a wonderfully choreographed move, taking about 15 seconds to complete, and has a similar effect to watching the curtains open in a theater. Of course this is achieved in total silence: there is no whirring or twisting when parts are turned into position, with the right mechanism for “hundreds of thousands” of operations.

Bang & Olufsen has created something truly original but at the same time with the highest quality sound and image quality. Not surprisingly, it was at Milan Design Week 2019 that the Beovision Harmony was launched.

Con un sistema de altavoces de tres canales, y una pantalla OLED de máxima calidad ofrece un potente rendimiento sonoro y la mejor imagen posible del mercado. La Beovision Harmony reproduce radio Tune-In, Deezer y Spotify de forma integrada o vía streaming a través de Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast o Bluetooth, todo mientras la TV está apagada. Esto es clave, ya que al estar apagada, la Beovision Harmony tiene mucho menos altura, por lo que va perfecta en esos espacios donde uno no quiere perder de ver su vista al mar.

With a three-channel speaker system and a top-quality OLED screen, it offers powerful sound performance and the best possible picture on the market. The Beovision Harmony plays Tune-In, Deezer and Spotify radio onboard or via streaming via Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast or Bluetooth, all while the TV is off. This is key, since when it is off, the Beovision Harmony is much less height, so it is perfect in those spaces where you do not want to lose sight of the sea. “Impeccable picture performance combined with truly immersive sound ensures a fascinating viewing experience,” says John Mollanger, Executive Vice President of Bang & Olufsen. “With Beovision Harmony, we wanted to create a meaningful interior object that would reduce the visual presence of the television and transform it into something that people develop an emotional bond with.” With its built-in 7.1 surround sound decoder, Beovision Harmony allows you to connect up to eight Beolab speakers up to and including without the need to run a single cable. It also has the ability to be part of a multi-room sound system. Beovision Harmony alone has such a deep bass sound that one easily looks behind the curtains in the living room to see where the subwoofer is hidden.

We believe that Bang & Olufsen has been able to deliver on all its promises to achieve the best TV system in the world.

Beovision Harmony is available in 65 and 77-inch versions, finished in oak and aluminum, or in ‘Gray Melange’ fabric and aluminum. It also offers us the options of floor or wall support.


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Piero Lissoni