Born in 2002, Chance was characterized as a cheerful floral fragrance. The inspiration for her name came from Gabrielle Chanel’s words: “Luck is a way of being.” She believed in her lucky star, and with confidence and determination she knew how to cultivate it. He also knew how to see and take advantage of each of the opportunities that life put in front of him. Chance celebrates luck being a state of mind, an optimistic choice; and it becomes the olfactory expression of that way of being, available in four varieties. These are Chance, Chance Eau Fraîche and Chance Eau Vive. Filled with an instant and irresistible charm, jasmine unifies all Chance fragrances. However, each one has its distinctive seal to be used as a lucky charm. New for 2020, Chanel presents its reinterpretation of the Chance Eau Tendre fragrance, as an Eau de Parfum.

Among all Chance’s interpretations this is the most delicate. Its creator, Olivier Polge, worked in collaboration with the Chanel Fragrance Creation and Development Laboratory. Together they achieved a more intense and enveloping fruity floral mix. Its heart accentuates the fullness of exotic jasmine that is enriched with an essence of rose. Extremely feminine, this floral composition features pleasant white notes of smooth, creamy musk. The feeling of tenderness is achieved through the swirl of the quince grapefruit. This perfect floral creation is deeply poetic and evokes a woman who enchants with her inner joy and brilliance. The round bottle with a gold neck that contains it takes on a silver hue for the die-shaped cap.

For the launch of Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum, Chanel once again placed its trust in the talented Jean-Paul Goude, with whom they have been working since 1990. The versatile Goude has a career spanning more than 40 years in photography, illustration, posters, movies, videos and events. His main characteristic, and the one that gives strength to his work, is to capture the state of mind or the spirit of the times and give it a concrete expression. The result of the work done for Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum is a short and beautiful film: a short act of dance, athletic, sensual and stylized. This was achieved with a whirlwind of dancers and choristers who performed coordinated movements; and through them the spirit of the fragrance is perfectly transmitted.


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