Reinventing the Classic

Tradition and elegance are qualities that very few brands can attribute to. However, Chanel goes a step further and manages to reinvent itself by combining its already iconic history with subtle and avant-garde touches. It is precisely with this label that it presents its new Spring Summer collection; touring the rooftops of Paris, under a youthful breeze of freedom and movement.

The collection plays with simplicity and the balance of volume. Jackets with ruffled collars and cuffs and short skirts reinterpret the tweed suit. Capri pants and ruffled denim jackets also join the dance. The straight cut men’s tweed jacket is reinvented, transforming into suits, jumpsuits or a little dress with a flared skirt. Long coats in tweed or wool crepe, while a striped top and a carelessly knotted shirt add little masculine and feminine touches.

On the other hand, the short, wraparound or asymmetrical skirts are presented in satin, silk faille and taffeta, and always worn at the top of the waist, they present a free movement and dance to the rhythm of the wind and music. Their charm is enhanced by ruffled tops and delicate pleated blouses with balloon sleeves, adorned with small bows or raffia and organza petals. In their transparency, the fabrics reveal the impressive work of the workshops, necessary for the construction of the dresses and their handkerchief hems. Printed chiffon, organza, feathers and raffia fringes structure the delicate tops and long skirts. Embroidered around the neck with matte red sequins like lipstick, the chiffon dresses are printed with the most inspiring Parisian facades. Its flat folds seem ready to float with beautiful fullness. A series of skirts, jackets and a long silk dress printed in the shades of sunset, with braids and ornaments, walk her figure and let the wind carry her.

Stripes, checks, vibrant block colors (red, orange, pink, blue) illuminate the collection, but so does the iconic black and white of the renowned firm. The prints are in unison: in an ultra-graphic version, Chanel lettering randomly stands out from the rooftops.

Accessories are also important. In its large version, the Chanel 19 Bag comes wrapped in printed silk twill, while the 11.12 bag returns in the classic tweed print to match the legendary suit. Zippered leather or tweed bags are reminiscent of schoolgirl pencil cases: the signature Chanel is handwritten on a chain intertwined with leather. The flap bag is updated with a two-tone grogen ribbon braid or bracelet. Others have a more precious note: beads with chains or sequin embroidery with floral motifs.

Jewelry also stands out. Always present, these are used in accumulation: sautoirs and pearl brooches, necklaces made of colored glass or with balls covered in strass and cuff bracelets with the signature of Chanel Paris.

Feminine, urban, on the move, never the same but distinctive and always identifiable. Each shape, each silhouette inspires a contemporary but also eternal story. Because Chanel is like that. A mythical story, a free present and a show full of tradition and elegance, which exhibits freedom and imagination. A sample of his career and of his distinctive brand that takes all the applause of his already emblematic and recognized ambassadors such as Caroline de Maigret, Alma Jodorowsky, Soo Joo Park, Nana Komatsu and Jennie Kim, as well as the singers Sting, Cardi B, Angèle, Ace Tee and Yuna, the musician Orelsan, the actresses Isabelle Adjani and Xin Zhi Lei and finally the choreographer and dancer Blanca Li.


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