Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni is one of the Related Group’s favorite designers. Piero Lissoni’s professional career began in 1984 when he started working as Art Director and Designer for Boffi, designing bathrooms and kitchens. A few years later he associated with Nicoletta Canesi and they created Lissoni Associates. Since then his work as a designer has been innovative and influential for three generations of designers.

At what point do you feel you are in your career?

I still have the same desire to work as when I started being an architect and designer. Doing what I like I feel alive and free.

How do you deal with the blank sheet of a new project?

A project always involves many people, it is not born only in me, but is born within a conversation, and that conversation could have happened a year ago and, little by little, the project is taking shape and mysteriously arises.

Basic elements of a good design?

The only important element is the story. When I design a product, regardless of what it is, be it a kitchen, a piece of furniture, a coffee maker, the important thing is that at that moment it is as much as possible for me. Currently, for a design to become something great, it needs an important ingredient that is continuity over time, but that is not something that I can decide, it is decided by the element itself in its environment.

The Related Group has chosen Piero Lissoni to participate in countless ventures, one of the reasons has been his perfectionism to work and his ability to adapt to the different scales in which he must develop his project. His personality is reflected in each of the projects he develops.


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